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About Me

Thanks for browsing my Blog and interested in You can call me boy which is my English name. I’am from Canton, a city in China. But now I’m stay in Beijing to find a suitable job for myself.

  • I worked as a Server R & D Engineer in Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. and I have about 1 year work experience.
  • My major work was Python Web development based on flask framework and Junior Golang development.
  • I also into some other things like writing homeassistant, Play Raspberry Pi and Arduino and so on.
  • I also have passed CET4 during my college years. Now I also learn IELTS during the spare time to improve my English skills.

About this Blog

It is full of little nice features, such as:

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  • built-in integration for the wonderful algolia search
  • built-in integration for the powerful disqus comments
  • responsive design - optimized for desktop and mobile devices
  • mutli-language support
  • post types included (article, audio, code, gallery, link, page, picture, quote, video)

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